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Palm increases Vietnam support – US economic reprisals?

ORIENTERING 11.10.1969: After Sweden has decided to provide comprehensive financial support for the construction of North Vietnam, the US sanctions start a new round.

When Olof Palme went in last year
demonstration train along with a North Vietnamese ambassador, the United States responded quickly
with the withdrawal of its ambassador from Stockholm. It has not yet been appointed
some new ambassador, which is also meant as a "punishment" for
that Sweden uses its neutrality to also receive American deserters from
Vietnam War. 

What is "neutrality"? 

This clearly shows what the US means by "neutrality". Sweden may well be neutral, only if it does not act actively and shows this neutrality in practice. If Sweden acts in conflict with US foreign policy interests, penalties are put in place to try to pressure the government. It also involves moral support for the reactionary Swedish financial circles.

It is becoming increasingly clear how little
leeway The United States is willing to provide Western European countries that belong to the United States
sphere of influence, whether within or outside NATO. What pressure is
not the United States able to impose on Norway, both politically, economically and militarily,
if the foreign leadership were to embark on a less one-sided policy? It is
there is no doubt that the American actions are warnings that «Swedish conditions»
will not be tolerated in other Nordic countries. 

Can rely on Norway

This time it's the federal financial agency Export-Import. . .

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