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Big brother hears your music

SHORT MOVIE: Trapped in The City of a Thousand Mountains
Regissør: David Verbeek
( Nederland, Kina)

HIPHOP CENSORSHIP / The rappers in the Chinese metropolis of Chongqing are characterized by government censorship.

Trapped in The City of a Thousand Mountains takes us to the hip-hop environment of the Chinese metropolis of Chongqing. Almost as a parallel to how the city grew big when it was merged with three surrounding cities three decades ago, hip-hop culture here has also recently expanded abruptly: first through the television program The Rap of China and then online. But hip-hop is an outspoken and often oppositional form of expression that does not necessarily have simple terms under the Chinese regime.

Big brother comes along

Last year, the authorities introduced a law against "promotion of hip-hop culture" in the mass media. The regulations we hear about early in the film state, among other things, that "people who are rumored to have a bad moral character should not speak in public". As many as 120 songs have been blacklisted, according to one of the rappers in the film. However, the laws are not very clear on what is allowed to express – an effective way to create a high. . .

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Aleksander Huser
Huser is a regular film critic in Ny Tid.

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