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OUT OF NATO: SV goes to the polls for Norway to refrain from warfare, act as a bridge builder and contribute to disarmament rather than armaments internationally. They want to enshrine in the constitution a ban on nuclear weapons on Norwegian soil.

(PS. This article is machine-translated from Norwegian)

SV's work program for 2021–2025 is the only election program we have reviewed, which actually uses the term peace policy. For a party founded on NATO resistance and the fight against nuclear weapons, this may not be surprising.

SV's peace policy orientering however, must not be taken for granted. The debate about defensive or offensive structure of the Armed Forces and increase or decrease of military consumption was contradictory during SV's national meeting in April. In any case, SV's work program ended up as one of the strongest in terms of disarmament, international legal order and the arms trade / arms industry.

SV's program mentions the party's ideological starting point, socialism, as a power factor for popular mobilization for peace. The programme's own definition of peace policy does not cover all the peace policy indicators used here, but clearly overlaps with regard to the offensive / defensive structure of military consumption, weapons control, disarmament and the threshold for going to war. With this program, SV goes to the polls for Norway to refrain from warfare, act as a bridge builder and contribute to disarmament rather than armaments internationally. The program seeks to strengthen Norwegian contributions to peaceful conflict resolution, respect for international law and reconciliation work.

SV is in favor of an international ban on autonomous weapons and will withdraw the Petroleum Fund from all production that can be linked to nuclear weapons. The program promotes several measures to strengthen control over arms exports. The party is also clearer than the others in terms of nuclear disarmament: SV is in favor of Norway joining the UN nuclear ban, and gives high priority to this. Furthermore, the party will say no to Norwegian participation in NATO's missile shield. SV also demands that aircraft and vessels operating in Norway do not carry nuclear weapons, and will enshrine a constitutional ban on nuclear weapons on Norwegian soil.

SV wants to withdraw Norway from NATO. The fact that NATO is based on the use of nuclear weapons is an important reason for this. In addition, SV is opposed to NATO waging war outside its own territory. As long as Norway is a member of NATO, SV will therefore work to ensure that the alliance is not expanded. The program states that SV will work for NATO to change its strategic concept, move away from the first use of nuclear weapons and work for the disarmament of the alliance's nuclear weapons.

The program states that the most important thing that must be done to ensure peace in the High North is to pursue a policy of relaxation and to ensure a good neighborhood with Russia. SV will therefore minimize Allied military presence in Norway in peacetime and prevent the establishment of foreign bases in the country. Similarly, emphasis is placed on strengthening the bilateral dialogue on the High North with Russia and measures to increase strategic warning time between the countries.

SV also has a program of principles from 2019, where the party declares itself a "peace party". This means that conflicts must be resolved non-violently, that work must be done for disarmament, detente and against the use of nuclear weapons. The emphasis on peace is more consistent in this program of principles than in the adopted work program. In the program of principles, peace is also mentioned as a goal for cultural policy, which none of the relevant parliamentary election programs do. It is also argued here that both social and ecological sustainability are necessary for peaceful conflict resolution at all levels. This perspective on social sustainability has previously also been shared with MDG's parliamentary election program, but has now fallen out of both parties' work program for 2021–2025.

Alexander Harang
Harang is the editor of "Fredsnasjonen", the magazine MODERN TIMES published in the summer of 2021.
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