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Taboo in Telekom-Norway

The article on 5G development in Ny Tid's October issue addresses the suspected harmful effects of wireless technology. Authorities around the world have listened to the researchers and acted – Norwegian authorities do the opposite.

In recent years, several countries have listened to the strong warnings of professionals and introduced strict precautionary laws to protect children from suspected harmful effects of radiation from standard wireless technology – such as mobile telephony and Wi-Fi. In Norway, this information is almost a taboo for the authorities and the media. Instead, schools and kindergartens are digitized without precautionary considerations, and our cities will be "smart" with new 5G technology. The Norwegian authorities seem to be hoping that "smart technology" will become "the new oil".

International examples. In January, Cyprus decided to completely ban Wi-Fi in all public kindergartens. The Cypriot authorities also decided to stop all wireless network installation in primary schools, and to introduce very strict restrictions on use in schools that already have this (in practice it should only be used exceptionally by the pupils, and only with the parents'...

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Ingrid Wreden Kåss
Wreden Kåss is a writer and has a master's degree in philosophy from UiO, as well as a bachelor's degree in library and information science.

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