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House occupation and grassroots anarchism

BERLIN: The 70s came back in Berlin in many ways, but with the opposite sign: The fight against brutal urban redevelopment and demolition of war-ruined residential buildings has today been turned into a fight against gentrification and housing speculation.

Solidarity and self-management

: With the history of the house occupation in mind, Ny Tid met up last year on Wismar Square in Friedrichshain on 1 May.

Berlin stinks

BERLIN: There is really something lurking behind the films at the Berlinale this year.

Germany's monsters are brought to life

Thomas Heise: Heimat is a Space in Time

DOCUMENT ART: Thomas Heise travels into mental and emotional ruins.

The Anarchist from Berlin

ANARCHISTS: MODERN TIMES begins a series on anarchists internationally. First out is Ralf Landmesser in Berlin.

Six acts and an epilogue in a divided Berlin

Luca Guadagnino: Suspiria

: The horror opera classic Suspiria has been re-recorded. The year is 1977, the city is Berlin, and Helena Markos Tanzkompanie seduces and fills dreams with horror and horror.

Berliner Impressions

: On Maundy Thursday afternoon, student leader Rudi Dutschke was shot down near the SDS office in the middle of Kurfürstendamm. With blood flowing from three gunshot wounds, he ran many meters and shouted: "Father, mother, soldiers, soldiers. I have to go to the hairdresser. "

Transmediale in Berlin

: ...

Berlin: Theater occupation against capitalism

: In Berlin, there is now a gentrification and capitalist upheaval that is changing the city from a hotbed of art and creativity to a place of the well-to-do. It does not go unnoticed.

Nuclear power on the film screen

: URANIUM MOVIE FESTIVAL. By Hans-Georg Koehler, Berlin

: There are several good reasons why the Uranium festival should be held in Norway. But not with the support of Statoil.