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Germany 50 years after the student riots

Much is unclear about the role of key players in the German 68 rebellion. Therefore, a black-and-white interpretation of the era will never be correct. 

Germany's new digital inquisition

Anyone who has seen the movie The Other's Lives About the Monitoring in the GDR state knows that East German authorities could lend their unruly craft to their fingertips. Now, the reunited Federal Republic is introducing comprehensive statutory surveillance with the help of new digital spy programs.

The noble art of lying

In Werner Sonne's new political thriller, fake and facts turn into a higher and most frightening entity.

The confessions of an apolitical girl

Goebbels' self-proclaimed apolitical secretary tells his version of historical events. The result is an important document for posterity, but is this all we need?

Norwegian in German

60 000 Germans have been entertained by a humorous Norwegian book that no Norwegian publisher will know.

Hitler writing, diaper changing and writing success with German success

Knausgårds books create addicts. Only when the active substances have been surveyed is there hope for rehabilitation.

Germany goes green

How has Germany's industrial nation ended up as a spearhead in renewable energy?

The black hole of democracy

The drone war operation center in Ramstein must be removed. Why should the US still have bases in Germany?

Surfing against all odds

This beautiful documentary takes us to the surfing world of the Gaza Strip and reveals an impressive resilience in a beleaguered population.