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Vladimir Putin

Zelensky's leadership in a new light: What is not talked about behind Putin's invasion

UKRAINE: It seems that the United States deliberately did everything to trigger a Russian invasion. Ukraine is a victim of this brutal game. For Russia, there are five very limited requirements.

Systematic persecution, violence and torture against the invisible Chechnya

David France: Welcome to Chechnya

CONTROL: A group of activists risk their lives in the fight against Chechnya's relentless persecution of LGBT people.

Russia's problems with the transition of power

Ekaterina Schulmann: The Russian Political System in Transition

NERVOUS ELITE: The Russian elite is preparing for a change of power in 2024. The elite is struggling with declining legitimacy among ordinary people, but so far the people's dissatisfaction is reflected in apathy.

Inept leaders

ESSAY: Why are these overgrown leaders so hairy – like China, Russia, and America under Trump?

Gorbachev – one of the largest

Werner Herzog, André Singer: Meeting Gorbachev

: Gorbachev:> / b> Meeting Gorbachev is a close and engaging portrait of the man who inadvertently provided the impetus for the fall of the Soviet Union, and who still advocates disarmament and cooperation.

From prosthetic to dictator

Vitaly Man: Putin's Witnesses

: In Putin's Witnesses, we follow Putin's path to power in Russia, and see how early promises of a free press end in full rejection of democratic rules.

Fake news = false reality

Maxim Pozdorovkin: Our New President

: A new documentary looks at Trump's election campaign and the significance of fake news through Russian media clips.

The Philosophical Basis of Trumpism?

: To what extent can Trump's policies be said to be influenced by Carl Schmitt's philosophy?

When Oliver met Vladimir

Oliver Stone: Focus Series: The Putin Interviews

: Through four hour-long episodes, Oliver Stone has interviewed Vladimir Putin. These unique meetings have resulted in a distinctive and noteworthy portrait of one of the most enduring leaders of our time.