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To tell something important about others

Fred Baldwin: Dear Mr. Picasso. An illustrated love affair with freedom

PHOTOGRAPHY:: The world-famous photographer Fred Baldwin has published his memoirs at the age of 90. Is this a strange insight into a human being who, through everything and everyone he meets, first and foremost sees himself?

Deputy wars' hidden interests

Eli Berman, David A. Lake: Proxy Wars. Suppressing Violence through Local Agents

: PROXY WARS: The United States and Russia, Iran and Saudi Arabia have an indirect involvement in conflicts that are something quite different from conventional warfare.

"I'm driving talks between President Trump and Kim Jong-un"

KOREA: June 12, South Korean President Moon Jae-in was received by King Harald during the country's first official state visit to Norway. Moon spoke of the devastating effects of "structural violence" that the division of his country had on both North and South Korea, and of "positive peace."

Damning rhetoric

: The media demonization of North Korea has made us stupider. What will the world say when the devil Kim and the crazy Trump receive the Nobel Peace Prize?

North and South Korea can come together – with Russia's help

: In recent months, talks have taken place between Russia and South Korea to establish new and peaceful development processes in the area. 

Ami go home!

: The Vietnam War has made many people see the conflicts on the Asian continent in a new perspective.

MOVIE FROM THE SOUTH: The grandmothers, the sex slavery and the excuse

Tiffany Hsiung: The Apology

: They were born as human beings, but were never allowed to live normal human lives.

The cry of pain crying 

Bandi: The Accusation. Forbidden Stories from Inside North Korea

: The Accusation tells about the daily struggle to remain a human being under Kim Il-sung's terrorist regime.

Time to see Korea

: It has been completely under the radar of the western media that a revolution has just taken place in South Korea.

12 questions to our new Foreign Minister

: Today's flare-up of the nuclear war threat has once again put Korea on the agenda. For 67 years, the Korean Peninsula has been in a devastating war involving the world's great powers.

The false peace

: What do they mean the dangers or sacrifices a single man or a single people must go through, when the fate of all mankind is at stake?