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What does the Center Party, the Red Party and the Green Party really want to change?

Chronicle: The EEA is, for example, aviation, energy cooperation, banking cooperation, satellite navigation, medical cooperation (covid-19 and vaccine cooperation), cooperation on security in communication technology, railway package and police cooperation. What is the alternative, raisin picking in Brussels?

The Center Party – the tongue in cheek of the disarmament policy?

NUCLEAR WEAPON BAN: : Sp's party program will be able to decide whether a change of government this autumn will lead to Norwegian support for the UN nuclear ban.

Senterungdommen supports Norwegian accession to the UN nuclear ban

: Before the Center Party's national meeting starts 4-6. June, the leader of the Center Youth is clear on what his organization thinks about the nuclear ban.


PREVENTION: Violence prevention is a recurring theme in justice, education, health and social policy. At the same time, the country's military capabilities must be strengthened.