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A rhizomatic world

The ZKM Center for Arts and Media in Karlsruhe will create a greater understanding of the different expressions of media art from a historical perspective.

Apocalypse and hope for the future

The Vienna Alphabet exhibition showcases Keith Haring's artistry, which is strongly influenced by his violent contemporary, where the baby represents the only, shining hope.

A vitamin policy peace supplement in the election campaign

In the middle of the election campaign, an exciting and highly political exhibition opened at Akershus Art Center. Through the Flag Follow the Bottle, the artist group ANNEX gives us a critical look at the country's treatment of asylum seekers, the abundance community and not least the war nation Norway.

Alternative universes

In the exhibition Into the Unknown in London, even an 42 year old mother and her 13 old son can find common ground – on a journey through sci-fi history.