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Illiberal trends in Norwegian media

: Harsh attacks on skeptical dissent and lack of criticism of those in power: Is the mass media helping to restrict freedom of expression? Ny Tid has spoken with media researcher Rune Ottosen and Fritt Ord's director Knut Olav Åmås. 

The factual basis for the slaughter of the Holberg debate

ASSANGE: While Dagbladet's Inger Merete Hobbelstad claimed that Julian Assange was allowed to speak "unchallenged", Bergens Tidende's Eirin Eikefjord gave him the psychiatric diagnosis paranoid. Did they have a basis for that?

Secret meeting: The United States pushed Norway into war participation

: The USA ran a secret influence campaign to draw Norway deeper into the Afghanistan war, according to hitherto unknown WikiLeaks documents.

Clinton's stupid revenge

: On October 16, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation sent an interview with Hillary Clinton: one of many to promote her vengeful book on why she was not elected President of the United States.

An intellectual ode to Snowden, Assange and Manning

Geoffroy de Lagasnerie: The Art of Revolt. Snowden, Assange, Manning

: Snowden, Assange and Manning represent a whole new way of resisting. The Art of Revolt is as radical and original in its thinking as the three whistleblowers mentioned are in their resistance work.

From inside the maze

Laura Poitras: Risk

: Risk is incomplete as a survey of the site WikiLeaks and Julian Assange, but an interesting human document.

A society in panic of reputation?

"Today we must acknowledge that the belief that whistleblowers would be appreciated was an illusion," says Harald Stanghelle.