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A new type of superhero – more fun

The Brazilian people are upset and excited as an epoch-making corruption scandal plows new ground.

This article was translated by Google and R.E.

When federal judge Sérgio Moro arrived at the supermarket in his home town of Curitiba one afternoon in April, spontaneous applause from the other customers in the store erupted. "More Fun, Less Dilma," it said on parole during the last wave of demonstrations in April. "The Brazilian people thank you, Sérgio Moro," it said on other posters.
Songs are made about the 43 two-year-old father and the lawyer. He was named Brazilian of the Year in the news magazine "Isto É" last year, because he is, with authority, leading Brazil's largest corruption research ever. He is just fit tall and dark, has his own fan page on Facebook, and was welcomed as a hero when he arrived at a book launch in Sao Paulo in mid-May.

Scandal. It is the state-controlled oil company Petrobras that is undergoing extensive research. . .

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