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SLOTERDIK / Despite all secure immunization and security requirements, one cannot reverse the internet, tourism, multi-ethnicity and international trade.

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Was Jesus really just a kid who popped up his own father in heaven? the philosopher asks Peter Sloterdijk in his new book To God ("After God," see the newspaper, page 32). Germany's big stamps just turned 70 years and were devoted to an in-depth interview in Der Spiegel. Next month will be his book In the same boat in Norwegian.

Sloterdijk believes that we have long since killed the father of Jesus: We believe, like Nietzsche, that God is dead. Ie that religion, traditions, genealogies and rituals are weakened – in what Sloterdijk now calls our new "globalization of mobility" with our globalization.

The newspaper Klassekampen has recently shown that more people than before are negative towards globalization. And one can understand that many perceive it as threatening, where strangers knock on the door and one's national identity. . .

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