Theater of Cruelty


A wish – for a new reality

GLOBALIZATION: When the concept of «globalization› took over the academic and political language, and since everyday language, it was not primarily a description of reality that fit into a post-Cold War capitalism, argues new book.

There is hope for better times for the past

HISTORY: National-cultivating historiography has characterized Norway for several decades, but Leidulf Melve and Eivind Heldaas Seland show the way out of disability.

PIER PAOLO PASOLINI: A long plan-sequence: film and reality

PASOLINI: 100 years: On the occasion of the anniversary of the birth of Pier Paolo Pasolini (March 5, 1922), MODERN TIMES has chosen to print an essay on a theme between power and the oppressed – as it is throughout his large film production.

The American dissatisfaction, frustration, inconsolability, hopelessness and mistrust

POLICY: The philosopher Espen Hammer gives a crystal clear analysis of US policy in a new book. This is a country where the annual value of lobbying is estimated at well over NOK 40 billion.

The drop that causes the cup to overflow

resurrection: The three books are equal parts revolutionary manifestos for those who want an analysis of the state of affairs, and strategic manuals for those who have already taken to the streets and revolted.

Conflicting views on life and work

route selection: Two asphalt pavers – one naive and dreary, the other rational and conscientious – are commissioned by a global and financially strong client.

Liberal democracy is screwed together so that the whole idea is self-destructive

DEMOCRACY: According to Adrian Pabst, we are basically going wrong with a wrong view of liberal democracy.

Together we are less alone

COOPERATION: The competition principle of neoliberalism goes against our nature. It is cooperation that is unique to our species – and cooperation that can save us.

In Gandhi's footsteps 

Indian activist and philosopher Vandana Shiva now visits Norway at the Globalization Conference.

Free markets are an illusion

John Mikler claims that the world's largest companies are so economically superior to their competitors that it is wrong to talk about global markets and free competition.

The Unknown Story of "The Red Gold"

Taking the tomato puree as a starting point, The Empire of Red Gold provides an incredible insight into the mechanisms of the global economy and production methods that are hitherto unknown. 

Elite liberalism + mass nationalism = true

For political scientist Jean François Bayart, globalization and the development of national identity are complementary processes.

globalization father

Sloterdijk: Despite all secure immunization and security requirements, one cannot reverse the internet, tourism, multi-ethnicity and international trade.

Soft porn for the down side

As the last pacifist utopia of the modern world, the European adventure must continue, writes Jean Quatremer, who can still quickly become the useful idiot of the world.

Globalization has barely begun

Are the days of globalization over, replaced by a passive distinction between the safe and the supportive? 

The timelessness of globalization

Herbjørnsrud has written a very important book on the most important political phenomenon of our time – but a book for the few.