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Michael Moore's new film: Critical to alternative energy

Planet of the Humans
Regissør: Jeff Gibbs
Michael Moore (produsent)

Environment / For many, green energy solutions are just a new way to make money, says director Jeff Gibbs.

Stage Manager Michael Moore, known from a number of controversial TV series and films such as Bowling for Columbine (on US weapons use) and Fahrenheit 9 / 11 (about the Bush administration's war in Afghanistan and Iraq) has now released its latest film Planet of the Humans, free on YouTube. The release flips with the 50th anniversary of Earth Day April 22 – amid the corona pandemic.

The movie is directed by Jeff Gibbs, with Moore as executive producer. Gibbs is an environmentalist and a long-time partner of Moore – and a producer on, among other things Bowling for Columbine.

"Disastrous choices of the environmental movement"

Planet of the Humans According to the laundry note, the environmental movement "has lost the battle through well-intentioned but disastrous choices, such as the belief that solar panels and wind turbines will save us, by giving way to the interests of investors and companies on Wall Street." The film was shown at Traverse's film festival last year and garnered some attention in the US, with renewed criticism (including from The Guardian) now that the movie was released on YouTube.

Michael-Moore-Jeff-Gibbs-Ozzie Zehner-planet-of-the-humans
Debate after viewing Planet of the Humans

Planet of the Humans shows examples of how green solutions are not necessarily green: wind energy requires large amounts of copper and rare minerals. solar power is criticized for its dependence on carbon and quartz for the construction of the solar panels. Both windmills og solar panels consists of components that cannot be recycled, such as the fiberglass mix used for the wind turbine blades.

"I discovered that the new technological solutions were just a new way of making money," says director Gibbs about the movie to the Associated Press (AP), and acknowledges that the movie will be "a difficult pill to swallow" for many.

Everyone wants a slice of the green cake

Gibbs has the film's low-key narrator voice, in contrast to Michael Moore who appears in front of the camera as more bajas and with more intense involvement in his own films (here ...

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