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"When we act, we create reality."

CHRONICLE: Is there any reason to cheer for the arrest of Julian Assange?

Underground rock in Kabul

AFGHANIC METAL: The story of the emergence of the first Afghan metal band – and the subsequent fall under the weight of an ultra-conservative society.

The word that kills

muzzle: Power abuses, war of attacks and mass murder are carried out today without anyone lifting a finger, since all criticism is dismissed as "conspiracy theory".

Assange and the free word

The arrest of Assange is about an "arrest of democracy".

Post-traumatic growth

AFGHANISTAN: Does field priest and researcher Gudmund Waaler in a new book about soldiers' reactions to being at war have something new to add?

On a tour with PJ Harvey

HARVEY: You don't know PJ Harvey and her music from before, maybe A Dog Called Money make you more curious about this artist.

The abused resolution and Norwegian embarrassment

The British Foreign Affairs Committee's report on the Libya war is overlooked in Norway: It explains that our allies on the ground were Libyan Islamists with ties to Al Qaeda.

Laila, the mother of addicts

Laila at the Bridge takes us on a grueling journey to Kabul's gloomy drug environment, accompanied by a woman trying to save addicts.

Donald Trump's Norwegian running guys in Afghanistan

Why is the debate around Norway's war participation and arms trade almost absent? 

A pattern refugee

Rokhsar Sediqi is 14 years, lives with his family in Denmark and has been waiting for a residence permit for four years. But what could have been an important and humane account of her destiny is jarring.

US soldiers ignore rape of Afghan children

NATO soldiers in Afghanistan are training Afghan security forces to respect human rights, the US president claims. At the same time, it appears that US soldiers have been ordered to overlook systematic rapes of children perpetrated by the same security forces.

Then Støre had to have the last word

What happens when a top politician and former Foreign Minister interviews author Carsten Jensen who reveals the true face of the war and raises questions of responsibility and guilt? 

Afghanistan's forgotten conflict

In the shadow of the war between Afghan and international forces, hundreds of years of conflict between poor peasants and displaced nomads continues. The Afghan Committee has visited one of the villages the world has forgotten.