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Superficiality is the new dialogue

Kjetil Røed: Working Through the Past

CONCEPT ART: A concept-oriented micro-art historical work that re-evaluates the value of art

From naïve national socialism to a renewed ecological philosophy?

Hein Berdinesen, Lars Petter Storm Torjussen: Heidegger's wills. Philosophy, Nazism and Black Booklets Edited by Dreyers Forlag, Norway

: SETTLEMENT: When the existential anxiety today increases among people, Heidegger's philosophy can have some benefit. Is it therefore possible to read parts of him today without just focusing on his Nazi sympathies?

Realists Stanley Kubrick

: He is a filmmaker who has meant a lot to many of us. In a world that is being technically engineered and militarized, Kubrick is still relevant.

Vita hyperactive!

Byung-Chul Han: The Scent of Time

: When the belief in common narratives falls away, at the same time as the individual's life becomes more hectic, time itself loses direction and meaning, Byung-Chul Han believes.

A story of our wasted time

Sarah Bakewell: Existentialisterna. A story of freedom, being and apricot cocktails

: The Existentialists stared at the emptiness in the white eye – and still tried to preserve their humanity. Göran Rosenberg reads a brilliant story about a bunch of philosophers who remain relevant even today.

Aries and witness

Hans Hauge: Løgstrup, Heidegger and Nazism Biographies, discussions, memories, polemics and anecdotes Forlaget Multivers

: In his book on Heidegger and Nazism, Hans Hauge overlooks the massive Nazi concealment that prevailed in Post-War Germany.