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philosophy of life

To love is to be seized by the incomprehensibility and generosity of the world

Ashraf Ezzat: Sea of ​​love. Transforming Journey to Egypt

DOCUMENTARY: Ancient Egyptian art and the later Sufi tradition have access to insights that modern man has gradually forgotten.

A feeling in motion

Francois Jullien: Living off Landscape: or the Unthought-of in Reason

: In his new book, the French philosopher Francois Jullien maps both China's historical views of nature and landscape, and partly a philosophy of life that modern Chinese and we in the West can be inspired by.

When the Ball Comes – About Life Wonder and a Common World

Torben Ulrich: The eyes of the ball, the legs of the being. Notes along the sports column (s) the roads. Foreword by Lars Movin

: A marvelous ecopoetic journey to become together with the world.

The wisdom of the vulnerable life

Todd May: A Fragile Life. Accepting Our Vulnerability

: Todd May rediscovers philosophy as an art of living, as a practical-therapeutic matter.

To the youth nowadays 

Alain Badiou: The True Life. A Plea for Corrupting the You

: The aging Alain Badiou has written an advanced confirmation speech about existential anguish as an opening towards a better society.