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Making the desert green

CLIMATE CHANGES: Musician Inna Modja travels along the 8000 kilometer long route for Africa's ambitious Great Green Wall project, where a wall of trees will extend across the continent.

An eco-anarchist utopia

ZADISTS: "We are not defending nature. We are the nature that defends itself. "

The little piece of urban nature

CHILDREN AND NATURE: How can a teaching plan help the emerging person to interact with the world?

Without any idea of ​​the future

Inuit: The Last Ice Hunters explores the exiled hunting culture of the Inuit far north and its inevitable endings.

Nature calls

We live in a time when nature with increasing violence is getting closer to us. Returning is about surviving in a wild and powerful nature, and what sacrifices this requires.

The philosophy of life and nature

How should we understand nature's relationship to our man-made culture?

Nuclear power on the film screen

There are several good reasons why the Uranium festival should be organized in Norway. But not with the support of Statoil.

The ecology of conversation

Author Erland Kiøsterud answers philosophy professor Arne Johan Vetlesen by discussing the almost ubiquitous violence in society, in nature and in thinking.

Nature's intrinsic value

In an in-depth settlement with his role models, Arne Johan Vetlesen seeks language for experiences that cannot be grasped with the classical rationality of philosophy. So what does – when nature itself speaks to us?