Theater of Cruelty


The pandemic and its societal implications

COVID-19: In a newly published interview anthology about the pandemic, Roger Waters says that war and climate change are killing us faster than anything else, but the breathing pause that began in March 2020 may still open up other alternatives. At the same time, the entire anthology presupposes digital technology – for which we can all be grateful.

To look at the present as the past of the future

ACCELERATION: We have interviewed the thinker Armen Avanessian about "accelerationism" and the possibility of a new political thinking.

Neoliberalism as a more indirect art of governing?

MANAGEMENT: This is a book about what neoliberalism is – also as a more indirect art of governing

A liberal left?

Accelerationism: Several thinkers believe that it is possible for what they call a rather complacent left to carve out a better and freer future through capitalism and technology.

Pain culture and mental strategies

PAIN: As in the movie Joker, pain and insults can build up and become dangerous, explosive and ultimately murderous.

Foucault and neoliberalism

PHILOSOPHY: Shortly after Agora's magnificent publication on populism, the magazine follows up with an even thicker publication. This time it is about Michel Foucault and his groundbreaking series of lectures on neoliberalism.

From social democracy to neoliberalism

How is the development of society understood? Through ideas, actors and concrete processes, or through discourses, management techniques and projects for societal formation? MODERN TIMES's Svein Hammer picks up two books that are in relation to each other (one his own).

Together we are less alone

COOPERATION: The competition principle of neoliberalism goes against our nature. It is cooperation that is unique to our species – and cooperation that can save us.

The children of neoliberalism live in front of the screen

Author Shaun Scott uses fragments from his own life, neoliberal economic policies, pop culture, sports and video games to describe and understand the millennial generation.

Liberal and anarchist

Weekly magazine The Economist marked 15. September's 175 anniversary with a manifesto against weakened liberal values.