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Information totalitarianism

Self Straight?: The companies behind platforms, smartphones and the Internet of Things are constantly tracking all our movements. With a digital footprint, one can determine a person's access to credit, transportation, social services or health care. We lose our individual freedom and autonomy.

Together for life

Edward Ashford Lee: The Coevolution: The Entwined Futures of Humans and Machines

SYMBIOSIS: We must think differently about both man and the computer. Their being is more entangled than we think, and both change and adapt to the other.

Disagreement about health data

: The Health Data Committee recommends the establishment of a national platform for health data, under dissent. Completely wrong focus, says leader of the Norwegian Association for Medical Genetics.

Q and privacy

: The Center Party and party leader Trygve Slagsvold Vedum believe in a majority for the proposal for a statutory obligation to accept cash. If there is no prestige in the case.

Norwegians' communications must be mass-stored

: It is time to fight for the introduction of the most comprehensive monitoring method Norway has seen.

Source protection and confidentiality can be set aside

: "You can do nothing but communicate encrypted – I take it for granted that all open communication has already been intercepted," says filmmaker and journalist Ulrik Imtiaz Rolfsen.  

We take care of your privacy

: Secure solutions that take care of privacy in health surveys are required by law and crucial for the trust of the participants and the general population. It weakens an important, informed debate when old and erroneous claims about the Health Survey in Nord-Trøndelag and the Norwegian Mother and Child Survey are reproduced.

Are we killing privacy?

: Will we in the future be sorted on the basis of our genes? Genetic research can provide new treatment methods for serious diseases, but to get there, our genomes must be mapped. 

Commercial companies

: A growing commercial market allows people to submit self-tests for cheap money and get answers to everything from disease dispositions to earwax type. 

When the phone controls your life

: Finally, your mobile phone can avoid being eavesdropped on or tracked. Now it's here – the phone case that blocks other people's surveillance. But?

Virtual gossip monsters

: Pokémon Go: The app that makes people run around with a handheld surveillance camera.

Nude images as extortionist

: A deeply tragic story of an ordinary 15-year-old raises important questions about whether the free distribution of information should prevail over other principles.

Should we have the right to be forgotten?

: Digital media has increased the amount of information available about us – and raises the need for a debate about our right to disappear into oblivion.