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Feminist everyday resistance 

Living and Feminist Life
Forfatter: Sara Ahmed
Forlag: Duke University Press (USA)
Living a Feminist Life is a sparkling handbook in practicing feminism in a world of new divides.


Sara Ahmed has for many years been a leading queer theorist and one of the most recognized feminists on the international stage. Last year, she resigned her professor position at Goldsmiths University in London, in protest of what she perceived as a management's unwillingness to combat student sexual harassment. For three years she had worked intensely to put the topic on the agenda – but although management seemed to take the issue seriously, no real changes were made. Those who tried to address the problem experienced little support.

Meat and blood. Ahmed has for many years written and lectured on how the distribution of power follows race, gender, sexuality orientering and class background – and thus prepares the ground for discrimination. Discrimination can be seemingly innocent, but can also be life-threatening, for example through police violence. Ahmed's work has aimed to analyze the underlying mechanisms of discrimination, in order to. . .

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