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The culture of the future of the future and Abiy Ahmed

COMMENT / In the future, people and governments are believed to have learned enough to deal with conflicts without weapons and enemy thinking. If we ever get there, we do not know, but the possibility exists, and how it will be, depends on our choices.

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Nobel Peace Prize is getting a lot of attention around the world. namnet Abiy Ahmed has been spread through thousands of news media. He has surprisingly created peace between Eritrea and Ethiopia.
Nobel Committee: «We have decided to give the Nobel Peace Prize for 2019 to Ethiopia's Prime Minister for his work for peace and international cooperation, and in particular for his resolute initiative to resolve the border conflict with neighboring Eritrea. ”

At the same time, there are constantly new outbreaks of violence both outside and at home. In the autumn of 2019, the Turkish parliament will applaud its pro-violence president. Kurds are designated as terrorists,. . .

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Valentin Sevéus
Sevéus lives in Stockholm and is a member of a number of peace groups. He has written, among other things, Seeking peace (2015) and the World needs peace ministers (2017).

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