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NATO FRIENDLY: The right emphasizes the military's offensive ability. In the High North policy, they emphasize military deterrence rather than relaxation.

The Conservatives are running for election to increase defense budgets and strengthen the Armed Forces' military capacity. In its parliamentary election program for 2021–25, the party seems to emphasize the military's offensive ability more than, for example, the Labor Party and Questions do. This program also does not advocate raising the threshold for the use of Norwegian military force abroad. At the same time, the Conservatives assume that Norway, as a small country with an open economy, benefits from close international cooperation and an international legal order.

It is in foreign policy that the Conservatives' peace ambitions come out best – the Conservatives advocate that Norway should work to strengthen international cooperation for disarmament, and against the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. The Conservatives will also use Norway's place in the UN Security Council in 2021–2022 to resolve conflicts through diplomacy, protection of civilians, promotion of women's participation and climate policy (see separate case).

As far as violence prevention is concerned, the Conservatives in their program, like the Socialist People's Party, are particularly concerned with violence in close relationships – but more generally and with fewer measures. In the north-
area policy, the Conservative Party's program emphasizes military deterrence more, and
tension measures less, than both the Labor Party, the Socialist People's Party, the Christian Democrats, the Red Party and the Socialist People's Party.

The Conservatives also express greater alliance loyalty in their program than the other NATO-friendly parties. The Conservatives will work to ensure that more major NATO exercises are added to Norway. It seems to be more important for the Conservatives to appear as an obedient ally, and nurture our military relations with the United States particularly well, than for the Socialist People's Party, the Labor Party and the Christian Democrats. The FRP's program comes closest to the Conservative Party's program formulations in this respect. The Conservative Party's program also has a policy to ensure good conditions for the Norwegian arms industry, but not for strengthened control of arms exports.

The Conservatives also have a program of principles from 2019. Here, the Conservatives' goals for foreign policy are defined as promoting Norwegian interests, and contributing to relaxation and increased international cooperation. The Conservatives see peace and freedom as crucial prerequisites for democracy and the rule of law. Similarly, the goal of the party's development policy is to fight poverty, prevent war and refugee flows. The program of principles also has its own chapters on social and cultural sustainability, but without references to non-violence.

Alexander Harang
Harang is the editor of "Fredsnasjonen", the magazine MODERN TIMES published in the summer of 2021.

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