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Green utopias

With a sociological look at the environmental challenges combined with examples drawn from fiction and film, interesting horizons are opened in a new British release.

The big city as exploitation and resistance in the 21st century

Nostalgic analysis of the metropolis as subjectification, not politicization, by Italian political philosopher Antonio Negri.

Life without a safety net

The anxiety has become a private matter and this is dangerous, writes author Heinz Bude in the Society of Fear – an essayistic gem of a sociology book.

Bloodless blood transfer

When it comes to helping countries financially, thinking and idealism is not enough. You have to know the culture of the individual countries and know where the corruption is.

A silent form of genocide

Can hunger be abolished? Today's hunger catastrophes have political causes, says Professor Alex De Waal. He believes famine must be criminalized and that political leaders must be tried before a court. 

Report from the eastern front of the fault steps

The most important thing is not to prevent the conflicts themselves, but to remove the violence from them, says conflict resolution expert Oliver Ramsbotham. 

Joy killer on prescription

Narcocapitalism is a brief history of modern psychopharmaceuticals, but also a theory of how to gain control over the social body.

Not here, and not anymore

The Russia-Georgia war in 2008 was to show that the NATO expansion eastward limit had been reached. With the Ukraine crisis of 2013 – 15, it was exceeded. 

Safe energy

Energy Security provides important knowledge about the interaction between energy security, economic growth, ecological sustainability and social justice. 

The guerrilla leader who became a brand

What's left of Che Guevara? In Cuba he will always be a saint, but in the West the logo and brand Che Guevara took over from the politically oppositional.

To the youth nowadays 

The aging Alain Badiou has written an advanced confirmation speech about existential torment as an opening towards a better society. 

Reversed revolution

The West must change its mindset that the good life is about modernization and technology.

Easy socialism in a time of capitalism

There is still a lot of gold in socialism, says philosopher Axel Honneth, who still does not hesitate to discard the left-wing revolutionary romance. 

The escape from the common problems

Recently deceased Zygmunt Bauman is known for his grim social diagnoses. Where is the medicine?