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Love the monster

"We have no choice but to love the monster we created ourselves," says social-science-fiction writer Peter Frase. 

The unquenchable blood thirst of capitalism

Crises are just what capitalism needs. What, then, is smarter than dealing with disasters when the system stagnates? 

A left wing for the nation-state does not change anything

As global protests accelerated in the wake of the financial crisis, they nationalized the protests and paved the way for authoritarian isolationism

Gay in the era of late capitalism

Only the anarchists on the left supported them. But it was capitalism that set them free. The gay movement never became part of the labor struggle.

To the youth nowadays 

The aging Alain Badiou has written an advanced confirmation speech about existential torment as an opening towards a better society. 

Revolution now!

There is nothing to wait for: The world is screaming for an upheaval.

Easy socialism in a time of capitalism

There is still a lot of gold in socialism, says philosopher Axel Honneth, who still does not hesitate to discard the left-wing revolutionary romance. 

A furious ride on capitalism

Bernard Maris' reading of Michel Houellebecq's work is an essential and well-founded critique of capitalism.

Against the light of socialism

Nina Björk leads us through the fog of consumer power and identity politics, along with Rosa Luxemburg.

Why capitalism creates meaningless jobs

There are some out there who make tulle jobs just to keep us busy.

With a bang, or with a whimper?

Competition-based hedonism is well on its way to destruction, Wolfgang Streeck thinks of capitalism.

That day everything becomes free

In post-capitalism, Paul Mason argues that information technology has the potential to transcend capitalism and create forms of production independent of the traditional market. 

Riot rather than strike 

The riots are the reaction of our time to capitalism, as it was in the past.

The world's global banking center

British imperialism does not end. London has become a global banking center with a major emphasis on the world currency euro dollars. Brexit obviously does not change that.