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Criticism of capitalism today

The context of crisis: A coherent analysis of dominance is one of the major challenges facing anti-capitalism today.

Chaos always triumphs over order

Assange: WikiLeaks is a Puritan illusion.

The 6. masseudryddelse

CHINA: How do we wake up to a world with China as ruler?

A counterbalance to today's cruel lack of solidarity

Totalitarianism? The anarcho-communist critic Franco Berardi believes we have overestimated reason and intelligence as a world-changing force.

The wild socialism

SELF-ORGANIZATION: Is anti-authoritarian socialism there when the labor movement has disappeared, or is it rather a matter of something new emerging?

The Moon – The New Suburb of Earth

Future optimism goes hand in hand with a critical look at humanity – at the Henie Onstad Art Center.

Socialism as a utopia is dead – but a living opportunity?

What theory of socialism in the western countries has Herbert Marcuse put forward? And can we counter the criticism that some leftist groups have directed at Marcuse?

Captivating about the theft from the public purse

The Panama Papers emerge as a captivating thriller about the worldwide scam that led to a multi-billion dollar tax escape.

Over-matured economy

In his new book, Allan Nasser takes a useful account of the myth of the United States as the country where anyone can realize their dreams.

Empire mercenaries

Andrew Thomson has written a captivating book about how Western imperialism has changed in the post-World War II era.

The dream of a different world

The fall of the Soviet Union was understood as the final victory of capitalism over communism. But there is someone who wants to restore it and give communism political significance today.

Spain's fascist shadow sites

Spain's Juan Carlos I was without his own property when he became a monarch in 1975. In 2012 his wealth was estimated at 1800 million euros. Where does all the money come from?

Leisure employment and citizen profitability

German philosopher Richard David Precht wants to create a utopia for the digital society where enlightenment and education are at the center.

The age of the investor and the investor

To be or not to be creditworthy – that is the question in the era of investment capitalism.

No one would think anyone could bu

West's scrapped phones, PC monitors and refrigerators become a kind of livelihood for the many living on the world's largest garbage dump for electronic products, Sodom

AS Norway: A capitalist actor, without sufficient conscience

In his new book Svein Hammer makes many interesting reflections on a greener Norway