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A shaky diagnosis of a disillusioned youth

Alain Bertho: Age of Violence. The Crisis of Political Action and the End of Utopia

DIAGNOSIS: Does hope lead to disappointment and desperation to terror? With Alain Bertho, we can talk about a presentism, ie a lasting present, without past or future.

Grief is how we feel – when a loss is a fact (watch the movie here)

Andrea Culkova: Žal Žen (Grief / Sorrow)

ECO FILM: Extinction Rebellion is a fast-growing protest movement. They are in favor of transforming the love of nature and the rage over politicians' passivity into collective action. But what about the political potential of grief?

The unifying force of a common struggle

Nadir Bouhmouch: Movement

ACTIVISM: Movement is a lyrical and beautifully filmed piece of political propaganda – with a Moroccan twist.

An exercise in solidarity

Jean-Gabriel Periot: Our Defeats (Nos défaites)

ACTIVISM: The French rebel police's handling of protesters leads to a dramatic change in the attitudes of students at a high school on the outskirts of Paris.

The dangerous thing about doomsday prophecies

CLIMATE ANXIETY: In reality, the world is moving forward, although fanatical activists and desperate media would like to tell us the opposite.

Student rebellion in Brazil


ACTIVISM: Increased collective rates affecting the poor in São Paulo became the start of a student-led protest movement.

Who controls the web

DATA LEGISLATION: World autocracies introduce new internet laws to prevent the emergence of "rebel" groups, such as democracy movements and human rights organizations.

Decolonize feminism!

Françoise Vergès: Decolonial feminism

FEMI-IMPERIALISM: The feminists of the West must look up and see that with their own struggles they keep fellow sisters down, is the message in the French political scientist Françoise Vergès' new and well-written book.

Time, space and revolution

Serge Quadruppani: Le monde des Grands Projets et six alone. Voyage of the new religious revolutionaries

: On the other side of the barricades, activists are building a society where they own their own time. 

The fight against beauty tyranny

: More than eight years of hard-line activism were rewarded on June 6. The Storting decided on this day to mark all retouched advertising, but the decision must in no way become a pillow – there is a lot of work left.

Street parliamentarians

Michael Galinsky and Suki Hawley: Working in protest

: Through observational footage from three decades of street protests, Working in Protest paints a portrait of Americans' preferred form of activism.

The power of impotence

Franco Berardi: Futurability. The Age of Impotence and the Horizon of Possibility

: We need a new activism – not through revolutionary changes, but through a systematic effort to develop a humane and free society.