Theater of Cruelty


"You can end up with the only peace being the graveyard peace."

MODERN TIMES CONVERSATIONS: We talk to the former Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn, the man who could have become Prime Minister of Great Britain, about current issues – such as military rearmament, Ukraine, Israel, climate justice and work, security, democracy, citizens' councils, and not least a hope for the future.

The peculiar forms of repression in the Soviet Union

iDEOLOGY: MODERN TIMES brings, due to today's attention to Russia, a look at the Soviet Union 50 years ago. In the book from 1972, Herbert Marcuse describes and assesses the conditions, condition and possibilities of the Soviet Union – and Soviet Marxism as an ideology.

Who exactly is the transformation of Nikel being carried out for?

Russia: Historically speaking, Nikel is a "monotown" – a city created and run by a city-forming industrial company with one sole purpose: to exploit industrial labour.

"Norway's place is in Europe"

EU: If Europe is to achieve a "Green New Deal" where the environment is taken seriously, we must get past nationalism and damning populism – according to Eva Joly.

The city left in the fog of oblivion

Filmmaker Guy-Marc Hinant wants to save the hometown's reputation by digging out the forgotten stories that have been hidden in the mounds of the city's memories.

Tourism – troublesome or enriching?

Tourism is under scrutiny in a thought-provoking book about a world industry in expansive growth.

Factory and cathedral


Said no to the US and the pharmaceutical industry

Unprecedented WikiLeaks documents show how the US embassy in Oslo tried to pressure the Norwegian government to crack down on cheaper copier drugs with threats of blacklisting Norway. The then Minister of Business and Trade Dag Terje Andersen, for the first time, talks about the meeting where he set his foot against the Americans.

After the industry is the industry

The Deindustrialized World analyzes the consequences of the factory and mine closures that have taken place in the West since the 1960 years. 

Artificial fertilized art

Kva grew up desirous of Norway's largest industrial adventure, asks artists who exhibit in Grenland in May.