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The authoritarian state capitalism

Clive Hamilton and Mareike Ohlberg: The silent conquest. How China is undermining Western democracies and reorganizing the world

CHINAIt is known that China under Xi Jinping has developed in an autocratic direction. The authors show how the effect has spread in the rest of the world.

Lies, manipulation and filth

Anne Applebaum. Translated by John Grande: The swan song of democracy. Politics that fails and friendships that end

DEMOCRACY: Anne Applebaum shows how concrete historical events developed a political populism. How can we understand and counteract the forces that want the liberal, democratic, fact-based structure of society to come to life?

Norwegian shadow pages

Alexander Wisting: Pursued by the state. The relentless hunt for Norwegian communists

COMMUNISTS: The author writes the story of the stigmatized in a Norway that cultivated the victory story and the Labor Party's sweeping flags, while hunting for the Communists.

Dormant ideological viruses

Slavoj Žižek: Pandemic! Covid-19 Shakes the World

corona: Will a far more favorable ideological virus spread and hopefully infect us, the virus that makes us think of another society, beyond the nation state, a society that realizes itself as global solidarity and cooperation?

Nihilism and individualism replaced with solidarity and community?

ACCELERATIONISM: For the children of the new millennium, conservatism is a dead ideology. And before neoliberalism, a new communist realism is now taking shape among young Britons.

Žižek as a Communist

COMMUNISM: December 7, the Slovenian philosopher and cultural critic Slavoj Žižek comes to Bergen to participate in the Holberg debate. During the debate, he will explain why he is still a communist. He will also be interviewed by the American economist Tyler Cowen.

A new destructive communism

Marcello Tari: Non esiste la rivoluzione infelice. The community of destitution

PROVISIONS: Is it possible with an attempt to let art and life merge in a revolutionary art of living beyond state and money?

What's new in the uprising

NEWSPAPER EDITOR: The new form of protest mentioned by the anarchists does not want an overarching "narrative" about the events in Hong Kong.

High-tech communist luxury and freedom for all

Aaron Bastani: Fully Automated Luxury Communism (FALC)

: AUTOMATED: As much as 60 percent of our meat consumption in 2040 will come from animal-free meat.

China's selective memory

ANNIVERSARIES WITH BISMAK: Does not the Chinese regime see the irony in paying tribute to the students who demonstrated in 1919, while continuing to crush any protest from today's students?

Assange and the free word

: The arrest of Assange is about an "arrest of democracy".

The dream of a different world

Bini Adamczak: Communism. A little story about how it will finally be different

: The fall of the Soviet Union was understood as the final victory of capitalism over communism. But there are some who want to restore it and give communism political significance today.