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Artificial Intelligence

Racism is written into the codes, protocols, and algorithms of the Internet

AUTOMATION: The Internet is far from just a direct information highway towards freedom

To salvage what is salvaged can

Peter Dauvergne: AI in the Wild

TECHNOLOGY: Are artificial intelligence and drones good news for nature and the protection of the planet's ecosystems?

Time has changed direction and is now coming from the future

Armenian Avanessian: Future Metaphysics

PHILOSOPHY: We are now in the violence of the future: The most important thing in life is increasingly something that has not happened yet. Philosophy must re-evaluate its old metaphysical categories.

"Personality Disruptive Marketing"

DOPAMIN CAPITALISM: Is "freedom" everyone values ​​so highly, in fact illusory? Today, more and more information is being gathered about our bodies, emotions, habits and brains.

Attentive and timeless presence

Ben Rivers: Now at Last

SLOW TRAVEL: Animals often have an almost enviable ability to find their place in the whole. Why can't humans do the same?

It is we who are dangerous, not the machines

Melanie Mitchell: Artificial Intelligence – A Guide for Thinking Humans

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: A computer can beat you at chess, but struggles to tell the difference between cats and dogs. Does that mean it is not intelligent?

Man is like the flower

James Lovelock: Novacene – The Coming of Age of Hyperintelligence

THE FUTURE: We live in a new age where artificial intelligence develops on its own and becomes our salvation, not our death. It only happens a little later.

Economic motives can ruin artificial intelligence

Stuart Russell: Human Compatible Artificial Intelligence and the Problem of Control

KI: What happens if we create something more intelligent than ourselves, a machine that might do something completely different than we want?

The coming technological decade

: Will increased control or surveillance in this decade gradually be left more to algorithms that carry out actions based on so-called "actionable intelligence"?

To unleash the demons of artificial intelligence

Tonje Hessen Schei: iHUMAN

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE:: The film draws us into a dark and fascinating field of research. But are we convinced that the development of artificial intelligence is beyond our control?

On the way into the 2020's

NEWSPAPER EDITOR: The conversation with Thomas Hylland Eriksen.

A society built on artificial intelligence

UTOPI OR FUTURE: Is artificial intelligence and automation a lifeline or a threat to society?

A dangerous transhumanism

Nick Dyer-Witheford, Atle Mikkola Kjøsen, James Steinhoff: Inhuman Power – Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Capitalism

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: Nick Dyer-Whitford is a ring fox in critical studies of technology and artificial intelligence. He also criticizes luxury communism and the so-called accelerationists.

Who controls the web

DATA LEGISLATION: World autocracies introduce new internet laws to prevent the emergence of "rebel" groups, such as democracy movements and human rights organizations.

Life with the robots in the future of the day

Isa Willinger: Hi, AI

THE ROBOTS AND US: The most amazing thing about this documentary is the contrast between the robots' awkward shortcomings and the patience they receive with the people who train them.

Future for trouble

Yuval Noah Harari Translated by Lene Stokseth: 21 thoughts for that 21. century

: ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: What many think of as the future is often the present. If not already past. What are we doing?

Realists Stanley Kubrick

: He is a filmmaker who has meant a lot to many of us. In a world that is being technically engineered and militarized, Kubrick is still relevant.

Artificial intelligence or human whims?

Hannah Fry: Hello World! How to Be Human in the Age of the Machine

: Mathematician Hannah Fry has explored the shortcomings and possibilities of artificial intelligence. A fruitful division of labor between machine and human is possible – and necessary, she believes.

Artificial idiocy and natural intelligence

Harry Collins: Artifictional intelligence – Against Humanity's surrender to Computers

: The real danger of artificial intelligence is that we surrender to obscure bureaucratic machines that do not know how to break the rules.

Immortality and artificial intelligence 

: The artificial intelligence (AI) of technology is suggested by many as more significant than the discovery of fire and later electricity. So what are we facing now? 

Artificial intelligence

: Totalitarian? At Partnerforum in Oslo, we heard that Orwell was wrong.

The machines are coming

Calum Chace: The Economic Singularity. Artificial Intelligence and the Death of Capitalism

: Authorities around the world must take action to prevent mass unemployment and societal collapse, Calum Chace believes.

The right of artificial life

Alex Garland: Ex Machina

: Author Alex Garland makes his directorial debut with a fascinating sci-fi chamber play about artificial intelligence and real emotions.