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Xenophobic asylum doctor at Trandum

"Build a border fence against Sweden – don't wait until the invasion is underway!" The doctor who is considering whether people at Trandum are healthy enough to leave the country is also an active debater on immigration-hostile websites.

Inadequate health care

A large number of suicide attempts, frequent use of isolation and lack of psychiatric follow-up: The health service at Trandum faces both concern and criticism.

"You're not gay" 

It is so absurd to sit in a courtroom where someone is set to "make it probable" their gay behavior – and in many cases is not believed.

The sea is burning

"If we don't change course, anti-xenophobic politics will cause Europe to collapse," said Gianfranco Rosi, filmmaker behind Film from the South's winning film, the Lampedusa documentary "The Sea Burns" (in cinema now). 

Want to show another Syria

Recently, Space organized a three-day conference at the Literature House in Oslo. "People don't flee to Europe or Norway because they want a new life. Most people would actually prefer to stay in neighboring countries, ”says Syrian human-rights activist. 

The eyes closed for the future

The flow of the month for abo: The dream of a lost homeland is the only refugee left, as portrayed in this documentary. How can one then face the future?

Describes the everyday life of the refugee children

Half a million Syrian children today live in Lebanon with inadequate or no schooling. The documentary If I Close My Eyes provides an insight into their everyday lives. Ny Tid spoke with director Francesca Mannechi who lets our subscribers see the film.

Empathy in games

The Sidra Project aims to get Canadian citizens involved in the refugee challenges. 

A heteronormative circle

When Norway places the same demands on divorced and heterosexual refugees, we continue discriminatory practices.

Postmodern nation building

Cecilia Dinardi just received the Bjørnson Prize, but not only for her own use of the free word. 

Wrongly accused of genocide?

Norway will extradite Eugene Nkuranyabahizi to Rwanda, who accuses him of genocide. Now Ny Tid can reveal that several of the witnesses say they gave false testimonies.

The guardians sound an alarm 

Guardians of unaccompanied minor asylum seekers feel squashed by the State. Now more people are standing by and telling about their experiences. "Serious for the children's legal security," says the leader of the Verge Association. 

Admonition for hospitality

Bauman's reflections on the migration crisis are simple, but his main points are worth insisting on. 

On the run through time

Non-refoulement – the principle that no one should be sent back to countries where they risk persecution – is often mentioned when discussing the refugee crisis. Behind the foreign word is a strong and effective concept with a long history. 

We – the boundless

MOT performances presented a new and stricter enforcement of the Immigration Act's regulations to invited guests. We let the organizer tell in their own words.

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