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Can the technology revolution bring us out of disability?

Peter Sloterdijk: The human greenhouse

ESSAY: Today, the extreme state is different than in the post-war period, when Sartre and Heidegger wrote about anxiety and authenticity. The existential threat today lies primarily in an uncertain planetary future.

A crescendo of anxiety

Michal Bielawski: The Wind. A Documentary Thriller

THE TATRA MOUNTAINS: The Wind is an evocative portrait of nature's incredible power and its touch of human life.

Climate rebel with unity and lightning glue

Extinction Rebellion Handbook: This is Not a Drill – An Extinction Rebellion and more

CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE: Is it possible to get something positive out of a realization that civilization and the planet are about to perish?

Stressed hen with no head

Alexander Carnera: The euphoria of confusion – to the last youth

EMPTY: A pseudo-showdown with parental culture turned into meaningless stress. In eleventh-September bodies, young people hide behind enterprising smiles.

The little piece of urban nature

Phi Ambo: Genopdagelsen

CHILD AND NATURE: How can a curriculum assist the growing human being to interact with the world?

guerrilla Dama

Kari Gåsvatn: guerrilla Hagen

FOOD IN THE GARDEN: A new book claims that by cultivating the land around you, on a slope, in a backyard or in a flower box, you become a more conscious consumer. It is the first step towards a sustainable food future.

Nature's self-regulating mechanisms

Nicholas Brown: The Serengeti Rules

ECOSYSTEMS: How can human insight into the contexts of nature be managed for the best in the Anthropocene era?

Nature calls

Egil Håskjold Larsen: Where to return

: We live in a time where nature with increasing violence is getting closer and closer to us. Where one returns is about surviving in a wild and powerful nature, and about the sacrifices this requires.

Living in the Earth Ecosystem

: The notion of nature as the source of harmony is deep in the ecological movement. Do we now need new stories about our species' survival?

God is a machine

Hi Rinne: Should we blind ourselves and leave Thebes

: Cia Rinne has written a painful and poetic contribution to understanding the state of the world. 

There remains one philosophical question

: – and the answer will determine the planet's further life.