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The black dove of peace

ORIENTERING: We present here a unique role model in Norwegian press history.

A European truth

EUROPE: The Lord's people not only had the world's best weapons, they also had the world's best religion. It was the whites and their self-imposed right to do whatever they wanted at the expense of others.

I McCarthyismens propagandakjeller

LIBERTAS: Anyone who has been exposed to McCarthyism's well pissing in childhood and youth does not forget how it works.

The surveillance police

SURVEILLANCE: Within the surveillance police, there are approx. 300 people.

Social Democrats and Leninists

REFORM AND REVOLUTION: Now, in the era of electoral union efforts, it is perhaps a worthwhile endeavor to try to think through the concepts of reform and revolution.

Socialist Election Association

POWER: It involves a long-term process with the formation of one party – in permanent contact with the grassroots.

The "minority problems" in Africa and Europe

COLONIALISM: What is the bill from the colonies after four centuries of colonial rule? Almost not a thing of what Hitler did within Europe was different from what the colonial powers over the centuries had done outside Europe.

Prime Minister Absent registered by the Surveillance Police!

SURVEILLANCE: The Prime Minister shares the fate of surveillance in Norway with 200–400 compatriots. It gets worse, according to the book, "when the surveillance police's archives are apparently made available to NATO".

Another story about the weekly newspaper Orientering

THE STORY: Weekly newspaper Orientering is often portrayed as the work of three men. It is overlooking a large number of contributors – many of them women. Torild Skar himself wrote around 400 articles over the course of seventeen years. Read here her story about Orientering.

20 years that we didn't dare to dream about

THE STORY: Orientering was created as a fighting body after the Norwegian Labor Party had brought Norway into NATO. But the newspaper fronted both the East and West blocks. The newspaper's focus was particularly on working, wage and living conditions for small people, as well as surveying economic power in Norwegian society and the real power holders behind the Storting.

Charged with espionage

SWEDEN: The culprits in the spy case were not caught. The journalists risked up to six years in prison.

Swedish version of CIA exposed

SURVEILLANCE: The Information Agency spies in Egypt for the benefit of Israel, infiltrates Swedish trade unions, FNL groups and political parties, breaks into embassies and other offices. This whole operation – in collaboration with the CIA (USA), MI6 (UK), Shin Beth (Israel) and SDECE (France) – is a clear violation of Sweden's constitution and neutrality. The people at Bild worked on the case for several years.

The zero-tax payer's summer paradise

SHIP OWNER: He arrives at the holiday paradise on private plane. But on the contrary, he could tell that he lived very simply, almost spartanly.

Marx's dialectical materialism

MARX/LENIN: The fight against alienation is, after all, the general goal – something that has disappeared in Leninism

Østerberg and Leninism

PHILOSOPHY: As a contribution to a possible ideological discussion within the Socialist Electoral Association, I think the article about Lenin is not exemplary