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The silence before life and the sounds – towards a radical, ecological metaphysics

Is it humanity's sin or desire for life that has brought the globe to ecological imbalance, ask Erland Kiøsterud in his reply to Professor Arne Johan Vetlesen.

Hybris – and stillness afterwards

There is not one, but many stories of hybris, human haughtiness.

The very idea of ​​freedom

In his new book, Axel Honneth blends socialism and solidarity, thereby losing sight of the true idea of ​​freedom.

We, the 24-hour flies

In their new stories from the therapy room, it is the insistence on never giving up that makes the strongest impression.

The good, the right and the workable

The British ethical theorists continued the legacy of Kant, but had a more realistic view of morality and what was feasible in real life.

Barthes and the care of the human soul

The French essayist and theorist Roland Barthes would become 100 year by year. A look back at his writings calls for further thinking about interpersonal relationships and coexistence.

Asbjørn Aarnes – a life

An 24 minute portrait of Aarnes (1923 – 2013), about life, relationship with God, a life after that, and the meaning of it all. Also about the ...

Nature's intrinsic value

In an in-depth settlement with his role models, Arne Johan Vetlesen seeks language for experiences that cannot be grasped with the classical rationality of philosophy. So what does – when nature itself speaks to us?

Orgastic potency

I now intend to put a preliminary sentence for this column with a theme that is quite close to Wilhelm Reich himself: his concept of ...