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Foucault and the Iranian Revolution

It is far from Tehran 1978 to Paris, Copenhagen or Oslo 2018, but with Foucault's help we may be able to understand a little more of the religious language of the Iranian revolution.

Disc boom in the Sandberg case 

Per Sandberg did not need to go to Iran to be monitored. New monitoring techniques make it possible to locate mobile users – regardless of where they are. We take a closer look at these developments.

With the child's eyes

Girls dressed as boys in Kabul and Tehran's underworld with sex, intoxication and rave music are portrayed through the child's gaze in the animated films The Breadwinner and Tehran Taboo.

Meeting Shirin Ebadi

Iranian Nobel laureate Shirin Ebadi was recently at the Voy X La Paz Peace Conference in Uruguay, where she participated in talks on human rights and possible paths to peace.

The filmmaker against the system

Mohammad Rasoulofs The man against the flow is far clearer and more direct in his systemic criticism than is usually seen in Iranian film.

No more red pomegranates

Water has political and security aspects in the Middle East, and future wars in this region will be about just water resources.

Iran, mullah capitalism and the protest movement

Around the turn of the year, Western media could read that there was a revolution underway in Iran. But there was no revolution – which is not so surprising.

Afraid of the Iranian nuclear bomb?

The most self-evident political truth in Israel at the moment concerns Iran: Iran is Israel's deadly enemy and wants to destroy Israel – Israel must therefore destroy Iran's power first.

Book crisis in Iran

The Iranians are reading less than ever. Why?

How to Get Alcohol in Iran in Under X Minutes

What happens to alcohol habits in a country where alcohol is completely banned? I think you can guess the answer. In April, I met a colleague at a ...

World Crisis?

ISIS 'good growth conditions were the most relevant topic at the big Middle East conference in Berlin.

Strong and long-awaited testimonials

By documenting the all-too-well-known international law case against Iran, the documentary provides an important and outrageous insight into the system's ongoing sitting systematic breach of human rights. 

With camera, nuclear equipment and dawn in Iran

In December, I was received by a couple of nice Iranians at the airport in Tehran. I arrive after a long journey at midnight, and will ...