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Thinking about the planet

Anders Dunkers: Thinking about the planet

ECOLOGY: With the planet as an anchor point, various themes are highlighted here – growth and non-growth, the anthropocene and our understanding of nature, tipping points, disasters and possible futures, geoengineering, fabulous animals and biopolitics.

The Norwegian ideal state

FUTURE: From 2017 to 2019, we traveled around the country in the artist group Alt Går Bra to learn about the Norwegian population's visions for the society of the future. The second most popular theme was climate and sustainability (ten percent). Three percent answered freedom, according to technology optimism, education and the importance of roots. For the vast majority, a completely different factor was most important.

Can the technology revolution bring us out of disability?

Peter Sloterdijk: The human greenhouse

ESSAY: Today, the extreme state is different than in the post-war period, when Sartre and Heidegger wrote about anxiety and authenticity. The existential threat today lies primarily in an uncertain planetary future.

Man is like the flower

James Lovelock: Novacene – The Coming of Age of Hyperintelligence

THE FUTURE: We live in a new age where artificial intelligence develops on its own and becomes our salvation, not our death. It only happens a little later.

Doomsday is canceled

Kristian Leth: Hope – A defense of the future

: Filled with fear for the future, Kristian Leth tries to tell an alternative story about how the world really is.

Depression for revolution

Mikkel Krause Frantzen: A future without a future

: Art can crack culture and help reverse the current state of depression. 

What about NATO?

: Ingeborg Breines takes a strong stand against those in power's "security strategies", NATO and the military industry. A secure future is not built with weapons, but with a culture of peace based on dialogue and solidarity, she writes.

UN: a reality the world has left

Thomas G. Weiss: Would the World be a better place without the UN?

: We can not do without the UN, but a more creative and efficient organization would be desirable.

Europe's self-harm 

Bernd Ulrich: Good morning, Abendland

: It's dusk in the West. But the morning blush brings light, according to Bernd Ulrich.

The context of the little things

Denis Villeneuve: Blade Runner 2049

: Who you are is found in the ability to tell the story of yourself, where memories and small details make up the warp in the loom.

Mankind 2050 

: 2050 is only 33 years ahead of us; 33 years behind us is Orwell's 1984. A lot has happened since then – and a lot will happen before 2050.

Gude Man

Yuval Noah Harari: Homo Deus A Brief History Of Tomorrow

: Do you think you control your own destiny? The real power lies with the networks.