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A dark spot on the map

Sudanese author Jamal Mahjoub's A Line in the River provides a composite image of why so much has gone wrong in Sudan.

Parallel life in the West Bank 

Avner Faingulernt's two film portraits are a reminder that a place of birth can make the difference between heaven and hell.  

When the Syria warriors return home

Hundreds of European youth have traveled to join the war in Syria – some have since returned. In the book The Returned, the French journalist David Thomsons claims that many of them bring jihad back home and try to explain how and why. 

Neighborhood in the North

Trine Eklund writes about experiences from her peace and dialogue journey in Russia. Why does the West draw an enemy image and impose sanctions on the country, she asks. She thinks we have no reason to fear our Russian neighbor.

Israel is well on its way to apartheid

An Israel, now defined by the law as "Jewish," can no longer call itself democratic.

It hurts when the world breaks

Droughts and floods, natural losses and wars, water and food crises await. Violence and disarmament, millions in flight. Where's Hope? 

Israel's permanent temporary

The old declaration of equality between citizens has been removed in Israel's urgent new law.

What are we going to do with NATO?

Ingeborg Breines makes a strong settlement with the "security strategies" of the authorities, NATO and the military industry. A secure future is not built with weapons, but with a peace culture based on dialogue and solidarity, she writes.

Marawi: The Filipino jihadists' Sherwood 

The struggle the militant Muslims are fighting in the Philippines is not about establishing an Islamic state, but first and foremost about establishing a just state, a young Filipino jihadist tells Ny Tid.

A lively echo from a war zone 

Following a Tanzanian taxi driver in a small town in Donetsk province, Ukraine, Long Echo presents a new view of a story that has virtually disappeared from daily news reports in European media.

Popular organizations under increasing pressure

In recent years, we have seen an increasing tendency for humanitarian organizations and their employees to be systematically prevented from conducting political or organizational work.

When death becomes the last option

In the weekly demonstrations at the Gaza border, thousands of protesters stake their lives for a better future.

Romance and Racism in Tekoa

A "leftist" Israeli filmmaker spends 30 days in an Israeli settlement in the West Bank, trying to get behind the stereotypes. 

Nonviolent strategies and alternative to military service  

Several women are calling for a Ministry of Peace and the introduction of a new culture of peace in Norway.

End of the peace process?

The United States has no longer decided to deal with the Palestinian Authority (PA) as a diplomatic body, while Trump is threatening to cut all support for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees. Now the US embassy in Israel has moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Is the peace process over?

Meeting Shirin Ebadi

Iranian Nobel laureate Shirin Ebadi was recently at the Voy X La Paz Peace Conference in Uruguay, where she participated in talks on human rights and possible paths to peace.