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the Middle East and Africa over the last decade

Fear has returned in Egypt

"Don't write anything that can get me in trouble!" Says one. "I don't really know about that interview, I think I've changed my mind," says another.

Sweeter than sugar, heavier than salt

The Syrian war is also well felt in the Kurdish areas.

Alice in Warland

The West has believed in miracles in the Middle East, claims star journalist Patrick Cockburn. 

Norway and the war in Yemen

Without people in Norway aware of this, Norwegian politicians approve the sale of weapons and ammunition to oppressive dictatorships that systematically kill civilians in Yemen. 

With his eyes on the war

Mohamed Jabaly's documentary debut Ambulance provides a unique insight into an 51 day long bombing of Gaza, seen from the driver's seat of the ambulance.

Need to tell

A Norwegian film finally won at the world's largest documentary film festival in November – documentation of everyday life in Iraq, seen through the camera lens of an ordinary citizen who ends up as a refugee himself.

The fate of the Jesuits

Several thousand Jesuits are still in captivity at ISIS, while others have fled and are struggling with trauma. Three new documentaries illuminate the situation from the victims ', relatives and helpers' perspectives.

Palestinian resistance on the poster

What exactly does the Palestinians struggle with Israel's occupation? This is a pervasive issue when the Joint Committee on Palestine the 16. October organizes this year's conference.

That's why I'm on board the Gaza women's boat

The 5. On October, the women's boat on its way to Gaza was stopped by Israeli navy in international waters. Here you can read actress LisaGay Hamilton's thoughts on why she decided to become part of the boat crew.

Settlement reports

In Hebron on the occupied West Bank live 600 Israeli settlers fighting for Israeli rule in the city. New Time has visited them. 

"I've never felt the need to scream to anyone"

Has Nrks Sigurd Falkenberg Mikkelsen really been able to feel the fear of the exposed or the violence of the war? On the occasion of his book, we talk to him about the harsh reality of the Middle East, the significance of journalism, and what such journeys do to a human being. 

Can political theater change Gaza?

Political theater is booming in Gaza, which is thirsty for anything that can contribute to change.

Is Israel going against civil war?

Israel maintains the conflict with Palestine – because the country needs the conflict to exist. The less visible divide between the Jews is becoming very deep.

Iraq: Ferris wheel and big politics

Rarely have I seen such high density of amusement parks, and rarely have I experienced such a strained silence.

«Norwegian authorities lack spine»

The situation in Yemen is worrying. Nevertheless, Norway still sells weapons to the parties. "I am shocked at the scale of serious war crimes committed by warring parties," UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said in a recent report on children and armed conflict. 

World Crisis?

ISIS 'good growth conditions were the most relevant topic at the big Middle East conference in Berlin.