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Andsnes in all channels

Leif Ove Andsnes is still the best on the record.

60 years of wounds

On Monday, October 24, the United Nations turned 60 years old. It was a celebration with distaste. Not just because of the many natural disasters that ...

Tamil tigers in Rena military camp

In 2003, the Tamil Tigers (LTTE) received military training in Rena military camp, invited by Norwegian Foreign Ministry. "Very unlucky," say several Sri Lankan experts, who believe Norway should withdraw as peace observers. The EU recently decided to deny LTTE leaders entry permits. Three weeks before the election, Sri Lanka's prime minister opens to evict the Norwegians.

- Extraordinary of Norway

Representative for peace organization in Sri Lanka boasts Norway's role.

When the human mind bleeds

Seven out of ten Palestinian children in the West Bank are mentally injured. One cure is artistic expression.

Refusing to join

Jonas Gahr Støre goes against SV's US declaration in the party program. The new foreign minister would rather have a "close, close and good relationship with the United States".

A new solidarity trade policy

The new red-green government should stop taking the US and the rich parties in the agricultural negotiations. Norwegian Church Aid supports Thorbjørn Jagland's proposal for an "agricultural commission", to ensure a healthy Norwegian agriculture that does not harm farmers in poor countries.

REACH – what is it now?

We are increasingly surrounded by chemicals that threaten our health. It should do something about REACH. The danger is that REACH is rescued that gave birth to a mouse.

Equal pay without equal pay

The Icelandic Parliament had to close this week when the women went home. The woman rebellion is back.

- We have the right to knock on any door!

– Large mosques give the Muslims a false sense of satisfaction, says Marco Pastors City Council from Leefbaar Rotterdam. He says the city authorities have the right to knock on any door and tell the Muslims how to behave.

End of neutral cultural money

Everyone agrees that culture and industry are a good combination. Except the artists. They should see the possibility of capital as a gift package, writes Anne-Britt Gran.

Uncivilized in the embassy case

Jan Borgen writes furious posts to create panic around the US embassy on Drammensveien. His argument can be summarized as follows: «If Husebyskogen is not re-regulated immediately, ...

Revives life in Frankenstein

Frankenstein's monster goes like a living death through Tim Burton's 1982 film universe until Corpse Bride, which has its Norwegian premiere this week.

Uneven about heroines

Marte Spurkland and Arnhild Skre pay tribute to their heroines in their own book, but their message is that women must find solutions on their own, our reviewer writes.

Oslo World Music: – We do not reach everywhere

– We receive an enormous amount of inquiries, and I just have to regret that we do not have time to treat everyone, says Anne Moberg, head of Oslo ...

Three Norwegian folk musicians

The trio Naheddi from Iraq and Burkina Faso dreamed of playing at the Oslo World Music Festival, but never got an answer. Instead, they were nominated for Norway's first folk music award.

A unmasked city

All cities wear a mask; it is common to obscure the class divisions and ethnic differences of urban geography with consensus-creating, beautifying statements in the media. For...

My juicy judgment

On October 1, I reviewed Knut Kolnar's book Mannedyret. Desire in modern film. My main point was that Kolnar is tendentious in his approach to the films ...

terror Fear

It is completely legitimate for Jan Borgen (Ny Tid 21 October) to fight for the American embassy to be moved from Drammensveien to Husebyskogen ....

The best of…

Two collection plates are located on the desk. They are usually called "The best of…", and their purpose is to give good examples from record artists' careers ....

Useful and fancy lexicon

Welcoming and clear about 100 years of Norwegian record history.

The aid organizations want course delivery

The aid environment places with cautious optimism and clear demands on the new government's foreign and development policy. The most important requirements are new courses in aid policy, stronger focus on children, the environment, peace, trade and indigenous peoples – and better cooperation between the various ministers.

Time for courage

Safety. That word can stand as a summary of the new government cabal, which was presented at Slottsplassen on Monday. Not without reason. The three party leaders ...

- Give ESA a clear message about power

The challenges in the energy field are in line for the new government, but they have a good platform to work from, says Kjell Rønningsbakk, editor of KraftNytt.

Prepared for criticism

It is not the fault of the party leadership that the left side of the SV is not in government, says Development Minister Erik Solheim. He himself will do his utmost to implement SV politics in position.