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- We know of 25 child marriages

"If we had produced as bad a report as Athar Akram, we would have been crushed," said Rita Karlsen, general manager of Human Rights Service.

- Treat the poor with dignity

– The poor need money to survive, but equally important is that everyone has the same right to be met with dignity and respect in all situations, says Ben Borgen and Bjønnulv Evenrud from Slumbyen at Soria Moria.

The other

It doesn't have to be Frida Kahlo or Simone de Beauvoir. You're not good enough anyway.

The trump that was not played

Former Prime Minister and Conservative leader Kåre Willoch warned against making repatriation and ownership of hydropower a topic in the election campaign during the national meeting of the National Association ...

SV's lost virginity

The virgin state is over, SV. Now we must be able to stand for what we say.

The long haul started in Ukraine

The orange revolution is over. Now it's time for drama.

Several factual errors

Neither facts nor accounts of assessments have made an impression on Martine Aurdal in the case we have discussed – Contemporary three articles on prostitution. Aurdal ...

Feminism's lofty ideals

Marte Ryste's attack on my book "Give me your heart" gives two alternative conclusions: either she has not read my book, or ...

White lies, dark songs

Haddy N'jie, 26, wanted to be a writer, and was just annoyed at everyone who thought she was singing because she's black. Then she got a guitar in 2000.

Uneven about India

Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen's new essay collection on Indian history, culture and identity is steeped in good intentions. As a book, it does not quite hold up.

More sense than emotion

Rational but slightly passionate approach to the madness of love.

This is how Lem sees it

Steinar Lem has written a book that goes in well-known tracks, and it is not about his new yes position to the EU.

Bigger than ever

This autumn, deLillos, DumDum Boys, Raga Rockers and Jokke & Valentinerne are selling out Norwegian rock's main hall, Rockefeller, nine times. Although Joachim «Jokke» Nielsen ...

- Demanding for the labor market

The eastern workers did not come in dangerously large numbers. It came far fewer than some feared. But what we see is that we need to become better at organizing the labor market and immigration, ”says the research leaders at Fafo, Line Eldring and Jon Erik Dølvik.

Scientists' nightmares come true

The number of natural disasters is increasing, and the scope seems to be getting worse than before. The man-made climate change as a cause we hardly escape.

Who will Angela Merkel work with?

A German big coalition sits far inside. Will the two big parties still come together?

What hinders love?

It is not original to warn that feminism threatens love.

Haga – no bully of class

I have a great sense of Steinar Lem, but I think he misses when he portrays Åslaug Haga as the great environmental enemy (Ny Tid no. 33) ....

Gretne old men

Talking about prostitution and privacy at the same time is obviously not an easy task. It's so easy to get hung up on sex. Willy Pedersen, ...

The place between east and west

Dubai emphasizes its Bedouin culture, but is still the most "Western" in the Arab world. This can be a provocation for those who do not want modernity or Western values ​​on the Arabian Peninsula.

- Trying to hide the truth

"Some are trying to hide the truth about Norway's role when Srebrenica fell," said one of the officers who was subordinate to sector manager Hagrup Haukland.

Ask to be investigated

"I very much like to see an investigation into my role in Bosnia," says Hagrup Haukland, who was the commander of the Dutch UN forces in Srebrenica.

International violence

Amnesty International originally started as a reaction to the brutality of European dictatorships. In 1960, two Portuguese students toasted the freedom of a restaurant. The regime ...

A choice of protest

Which will end with a political paradox.

When Steinar Lem shouts wolf

Steinar Lem has recently published the book "The little life". The book has attracted attention, not least because the former active no-man and conservationist, now admits ...